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Pick from a basket of tokenized securities such as bonds and equities, issued by aspiring businesses

Start investing globally with as little as €10, within just a few minutes

Trade your security tokens on our secondary market. Making it quick and simple to take profit

What are Security Tokens and Why Invest in Them?

Security tokens are, first and foremost, an investment product. If we are speaking about equities or equity like tokens, these digital assets give investors a stake of the issuing company or the associated rights, such as rights to profits, dividends, or shares of the company's revenue.

Digital bonds are a vehicle by which companies can issue debt and gain access to financing while their debtors or investors gain access to attractive returns.

Why is this better than traditional securities? Allows instant settlement, and opens access to unique companies and projects, while companies have access to a whole new class of investor. Innovation enables us to bring unique features to market: low fees, daily returns etc, on trading assets that are typically difficult to enter and exit.

Why are we doing it now? Simple answer is this: Technology keeps evolving and as it evolves an amazing thing happens, the world gets smaller as our interaction with it becomes more fluid.

CoinMetro is a Pioneer When It Comes to Crypto Regulation

CoinMetro is an EU licensed exchange and holds active registrations with regulators in the USA and Australia